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Projector lamps can be hazardous products and should be treated with care. The glass bulbs are all pressurised to extreme levels and, whilst all the lamps sold in the EU should conform to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive 2002/95/EC, many contain levels of hazardous chemicals such as mercury, Lead, Cadmium etc.

How to recycle a lamp with PLRD

If you purchased your new lamp from us, then you should have already received a return label with your new lamp. If not, then click here to print off a return label.

  1. Place the old lamp into the discarded packaging from the new lamp and ensure that it is securely enclosed.
  2. Attach the PLRD return label and remove any sign of previous address labels.
  3. Include the box with your regular mail collection or (if you don’t have a collection service) drop the box off at any Post Office (attaching appropriate postage).


In the interests of the environment, PLRD has been established to ensure that lamp modules are safely disassembled and the various elements are recycled or disposed of as appropriate.

The PLRD service will ensure adherence to the new WEEE initiative (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment - Directive 2002/96/E), designed to minimize the amount of electrical and electronic equipment ending up in landfill sites. Under this new directive, any electrical or electronic item (including all projector lamps) marked with a label depicting a wheelie bin with a cross over it will require special disposal methods and should not be mixed with other rubbish.  


We offer discounts on multiple lamps - please contact us for a quote.